The Anatomy of SALES

How do we get sold???
Here’s an inside look at how sales works,
It’s important to see how salespeople and business look at you:

Having worked in outgoing cold-call sales revealed a new side of human nature, learning how sales triggers work, and how to ride the line in order to get more face-time with prospects.  There are a lot of people working to tailor a product to ring bells in our “necessary” category.  However, to make any sale, it will take 100 contacts to achieve 1-7 sales for most products with a legitimately prepared sales architecture.

Order-Taker-or-SalespersonFor a sales person to achieve 1-3 sales versus 3-7 sales for every 100 contacts IT HAS MORE TO DO WITH THE SALES PERSON than the product.  A very good salesperson will make 4-7 sales per every 100 contacts in a decent cold-call scenario.  Yet even very new salespeople  will make 1-3 sales per every 100 people contacted (if the contacts could legitimately use the product or service) and this has more to do with the fact that some people are just half-ready to spend money when the salesperson comes around.

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Sales is all about ‘targeted contacts’, which simply means that you are trying to sell to an appropriate person.  If you are selling home improvement construction, then the targeted audience must be people that own homes.  If you are selling trendy fashion, then you must target people who are mildly obsessed with fashion.  If you are selling video games, then you can usually ignore the entire Baby Boomer generation.  But if you are selling these things, and you hit the appropriate audience, then sales will be made.  A salesperson looks at you like dinner on the plate, but mostly they’re just working their grind, and if you’ve never worked in sales and know how this stuff works, it’s hard to see the labyrinth they have prepared for you.

What makes a good sales person?

Great salespeople make you feel something, and they are able to captivate enough attention to lead a listener down a path that avoids internal resistance…

Some great salespeople give listeners a kind, warm, fuzzy feeling.
Some give people a safe, trustworthy feeling.
Some are actually contortion artists who know now to mirror the listener and adjust.
Some are actually intense, and overpower the listener.
Some are able to play the “very normal” card, and simply present things in autonomously inoffensive way, giving the listener the ability to be the “concerned alpha” of the situation, who eventually seems to talk themselves into buying.
Some just know how to ask for “a little help” in just the right way to make a sale near instantly.
Some take on a “obvious Shepard” state of expression, and somehow just gently bear-hug a crowd into assuming they are the authority for a while.

The list goes on.  If you take on work in sales, you see that each salespeople has their own unique twist of leaning sales pitches in favor of their own personality.

Make no mistake, for the bulk of sales, it’s ALL ABOUT THE PITCH.  Personal tenor is about getting EXTRA sales, but trained salespeople working with a great pitch can sell.

Cutting through the bull while being SOLD hardcore by a professional sales person isn’t easy.  It’s the salesperson’s job to turn things in a favorable light, and no matter where the conversation drifts, they are going to try and close the sale above all else.

The truth is simple, people have money and are willing to spend it.  People are accustomed to paying some bills, using cash for entertainment, buying status symbols, building up savings, but mostly to solve problems in their life:  selling a product usually requires triggering one of those needs to cause the listener to shift into a spending mentality.  The spending mentality insists that we have to spend money, we have to entertain ourselves, solve problems, save cash, and have just enough to not appear ‘out of the loop’ with humanity.  So if a listener can be pushed into that mentality, the wallet opens up, and a few bills slip out, and they barely feel it.

Great Savers have a difficult time letting that cash slip out of the wallet, and even the most ingenious or ruthless attempts to make a sale will bounce right off.  Yet even for Great Savers, the right scenario will require sales to be made, and that’s what salespeople are trying to do:  they are hitting enough people to ensure that every day they will hit 1-7 out of 100 people who are already in sales-need/want situation.

Sales pitches are designed to emphasis the need/want situation.  Pitches try to convince us to need something, want something, or to reward ourselves with something.  Not a problem if we have some simple filters in place:

1.  We don’t need anything we don’t seek out ourselves:
This eliminates spontaneous purchases at stores, and in the face of traveling Kirby sales people knocking at your door.

2.  If we need something, we must wait and do some research about it:
The first opportunity to buy something usually is not the best product at the best price.  And since we don’t know immediately, we might be at risk of buying the worst product at the worst price.  That’s a foolish way to spend money, which is the equivalent of doing forced labor in trade for possible junk.  Researching something, especially these days, can and will lead to the best price, and frequently the best product, with the advent of online product reviews.

3.  There is ALWAYS a better opportunity to be had:
This will be true all the time, unless you happen to be staring at the best product at the best price, but since there can only be one of those, then all the others are lesser products.  So it’s better to assume we didn’t just happen to run across the best sales situation, because most of the time, it’s true.

That’s how Great Savers function, and it creates an automatic Sales-Skepticism.  It’s like kryptonite to sales people…

The greatest salesperson on the planet can pull sales miracles, and it seems they present the right product, at the right time, and are able to CONVINCE OR ENABLE more people to pull the trigger and make a purchase.  Great sales people have an ability to make a listener feel safe with them, so the rip-off alarms stay silent.  Some sales people make it very easy to buy from, and that’s the final tip – when it feels too good, then you are dealing with an excellent sales person, so look out!

Ultimately, our own understanding of needs and wants should become the final say in our purchases, after all, why is the salesperson there? To change your perception of need and want… to make a sale.

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