Here are the stories:

“Two friends with the same income,
one ends up a MILLIONAIRE
while the other one ends up DEAD BROKE.”


“I went through 20 basic jobs, penniless,
5 years later I was the most successful
real estate agent in the city.”

“I was a broke writer and artist,
but over two years I saved up
$20,000 waiting tables:
I used that money to become a lifetime
entrepreneur and investor.”

“I cleaned carpets for years, but
saved just enough money to buy
my own carpet cleaning van.
It led to a full sized business –
Now I’m building a second home,
a lakeside cabin I always dreamed of.”

“I learned some basic home remodeling,
and started flipping one house per year.
It doubled my income. I’ll retire at 42”

“I just had a regular job,
made about $45,000 a year.
I never wasted money.
I’m retiring a millionaire.”

          So, you are here because you have realized, deep within your bones, that something is askew in the world’s ways of commerce.  You have worked too much, feel like progress is hard fought, and your wallet does nothing to explain how rich people get richer, and poor people remain in place forever.  You are a smart person, who just wants to see the facts, the fictions, and to understand the truth.

         The truth is, few people save money, and while saving money is awesome, achieving leverage with that money, to use that money to make money – is the entire difference between richness and poverty.

You cannot reach the condition of financial leverage until you have exceeded ordinary levels of savings.  Many people who become great investors, start businesses, or achieve the buying power needed for investment property could only reach these goals because they understood savings!!! That means understanding costs.

You might not believe it at first, but the wrong ways of spending can lead to a life-long reality of hemorrhaging of money – and whole lifetimes of potentially saved capital can be removed from you with some very simple expenditures repeated over and over again.

Once true savings has begun, then a person will achieve the next plateau of success, and that is achieving leverage – this opens up a whole new world, and the best part of financial learning and decision making can begin.

That is the story of this website – We intend to share direct concepts, and money knowledge needed to ridicule debt, establish sobriety of spending, horde mountains of cash, and finally breech the threshold of financial leverage that will catapult your life earnings into a REAL, SUBSTANTIAL, PROFITABLE FUTURE!

         This is not some silly sales pitch! The ideas born from this website will guide anyone to a critical understandings needed to finance one’s own future, simply and directly.  When it comes to making money, there are lots of avenues to try, discover, succeed and even experience failure!  There are no guarantees in Water World.  The mentality of saving money, and further distributing your achieved earnings into future earning potentials is the crux of living the life of wealth-building, versus living solely on the treadmill of working for someone else, and retiring with very little.

         How do the wealthy become wealthy?  There are some crooks and trust fund babies, no doubt.  But the rest of them were self-made: they endured necessary ‘hardships,’ a lot of which were simply removing bloated, unworthy, lame-duck buying decisions.  They learn to accentuate their own skills, and focus their buying power in the right directions to leverage cash.

There is no reason to waste another moment without trying to see through common problems that lead to bad financial moves!  Implement these ideas: Great Savers, every type of financial guru’s, successful people of lower incomes, and smart rich people all agree: The difference between saving a little money versus saving a lot is ENORMOUS.

It’s not just about saving $500 versus saving $4,000…. these numbers represent so much more.  $500 can pay a few bills, but $4,000 can MAKE YOU MONEY OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

The Early Retirement Saga is about setting aside money that becomes a living symbol for huge blocks of time…

Your money was earned with your time,
If you earn $25,000 a year (or $200,000)
and over a couple years save $10,000 (or $80,000)
then you save almost 1/2 a year of your life!

Those dollar can be re-diverted into other money making opportunities.  This means that this 1/2 year of labor, stored as money, can KEEP WORKING FOR YOU, over and over, and over again.  That historic ‘you’  crystallized in money will keep making you more money.

If we go another route instread, and spend that money on frivolous things, then we are giving our money to another business who is pulling this same trick ON YOU.  That business has played the game successfully, and they are using their own ‘historic-self crystallized as money to buy products to sell you at profit: that means their are using their past to capture your future.

The raw truth about modern commerce is somewhat rotten!  It’s motivating because commerce rewards the people who care about being really successful in that system.  That system also lets you get swept around like dirt, if you don’t win the game repeatedly.  The world is competing against you, and while most people have a sense of humanity, the overall picture is that no one really cares how great your position in the capital system is. Who has ever signed their paycheck over to you?  Everyone is busy keeping themselves afloat: they earn labor wages, and most people spend all those wages.  At the end of life there is little to show for it, and almost everyone shows up to old age having never achieved freedom,  NEVER ONCE having touched true financial leverage.  Most people never escape their limited individual earning potential.

The story of life is being written by billions of people all over the world – all those people are tired of losing, but quite a few of them are not quite tired enough of spending!  Learn from the world, see what’s going on (of course you have your own wisdom, so push on as usual)  Keep an eye on the idea of taking your future back… understand how the pains of the controlling labor system unfold on the unwary, and if you can, cease to repeat their mistakes in a lifetime on the labor wheel.
At the very least, you will learn to tip the scales in your favor.  With time, you can begin to breath the fresh air of financial success, at each level you choose to achieve.  The first and most important step can be yours starting now: it requires learning how to forgo the most useless and bloated costs in the world, the very things sold everywhere you go!

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