Quick collection of some potent statements and related links:

Compound Interest Calculator – project savings growth in investment
Vanguard Funds – some consider these the best mutual funds for investment (but you can still diversify and not use all Vanguard funds)

Dare to stock pick? Best brokers
     These links are here to save weeks of sifting through brokers. Stock picking can be a tragedy if you use a lot of money. Most people lose, again this is just to save the weeks or months of sifting through brokers for personal trading.
***** Interactive Brokers – need $10,000 to start, $1 trades = best in business
*** Think or Swim – for few trades a month, ToS includes trading software ($10 trades, $2500 to start)
** Tradeking – no real software ($5 trades, $2,500 to start) ‘big community’

Charting software:
TC2000 is good, (cheaper than eSignal)
here’s a free limited web-based version of TC2000:
(#1 pick for free charting!)

Want to learn about actually making money?

Right now is an excellent time for that, primetime television now has two of the best shows ever made in regard to making money through business
Shark Tank
The Profit

Feel like flooding your mind with other views on retirement, business, or the stock market? Buy some cheap used books:

Feel the urge to write a blog of your own?
BLOGGER: Free and easy: (newbie friendly)
– requires new skill development, or hiring someone for that.

– requires paid hosting:
—– Higher cost hosting, easier setup:
—– Cheap hosting, harder setup (not for newbies!):
If you’re very busy, and make a lot of money, just pay the extra for Godaddy.  If you plan on hosting many websites, and like to save money in trade for some effort, Namecheap is AWESOME!!! Namecheap setup involves a lot of non-automated steps, and A LOT of interaction with their customer service to do this: their CS is all online chat, no phones, but they are ALWAYS very great to work with, and find the answer to any question with great patience.

BUSINESSES OF THE MILLENNIUM to help you save money immediately:

A little kissing-up for the search engines:

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