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Spin Century – Avoiding Scams

Yes, the headline of the century is technological advance, but the second largest theme is Spin.  Spin is the orchestration of points of contact to get attention, keep attention, and in some way, make a sale.  The countless new forms of media have allowed Spin to mutate, requiring people to adapt, requiring Spin to mutate again, many times over.  It’s all a charade and a money funnel at every turn.

money-funnel(image from: jda)

When the internet was new, it was empty, but over the next 10-20 years, the internet became very full.  With that fullness, came opportunity, and the charlatans came out of the woodwork.

The internet has created a boon of opportunity for both communication and commercialism all at the same time.  We’ve seen television and the internet go through many phases of development, and the internet is currently bogged down, and remains a hodgepodge collection of sales-y search engine results, and social media lumped across many different web sites.  It’s not as easy to bear-hug the internet, because it seems to go on and on – frequently requiring more time to get to what you actually came to see…

Avoiding One Expense = Millions : the $78 Truck

Is it possible that avoiding one high cost can fund a HUGE portion of our retirement?  Yes, playing it smart, and saving money in ONE area of life could easily change the terms of our financial existence: it could make or break our future.

Let’s cover an EXTREME example.  This example should test the mental bounds of most Americans.  It’s an example of a person who has ignored everything about the social brainwashing we receive, incidentally.  The man we are going to talk about has gone where few will dare:  for an entire lifetime he drove a $78 truck, and he never bought another car again.

635557036105524028-Truck-3(Picture Credit: Channel 5 KSDK)

Basically, this guy makes the possibility for Early Retirement look easy, and if you turn your head just right, after you hear this story, you’ll start to see why this guy is way cooler than an Armani suit and shiny Ferarri…

Energy Drinks Could Cost You $174,574+

In earlier articles, we’ve covered vast financial difference between buying a lattes at Nerdbucks versus brewing your own coffee.  The difference in cost over a lifetime was STAGGERING!  Daily energy drinks are a huge financial hog waiting for SAGA to pump the double-barrel shotgun, and blast away…

The allure for a surge of energy is totally understandable, because the effect of a Red Bull or Monster is powerful, and the burst of energy can become difficult to pass up, especially at work.

Heightened energy and awareness seem to ramp productivity, but there is certainly a cost.  That cost can be financial as we’ll see, and there is also an emotional situation for many, as the burst of energy is not within the normal human range, which creates a whole new world of expectation of what reality is supposed to feel like… and thus the dreaded ‘dependance’ might be an issue to wrestle with.  If you’re used to bombing the sweet pump-me-up, it might seem like a difficult thing to let go; the burst of energy can be helpful at times, but chronic consumption of energy drinks are doing a lot more than burning the candle at both ends… money, money, money

Eating Out for Lunch: costs $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS

People work hard, and it takes up most of their life.  Treating yourself to restaurant lunches, ordering take out, or snagging a fat bag of fast food can seem like a green light all the time.  We have to eat right???

Small expenditures that add up are the backbone of creating an Early Retirement, and eating out for lunch could fund multiple Early Retirements…

i4cbc7bd(Image from:

Personally, I never love spending money on myself while I’m at work. My guts tell me, “why not just have one less hour of mandatory labor, rather than eat fancy restaurant meals, like a $14 lunch at a cafe?”…

$30 Gourmet Dinners – from $4 meat – Sous Vide

When we’re smart about money, and we’re willing to set up some simple DIY solutions, we can enjoy luxuries that Big Spenders rarely touch!

When you learn about Sous Vide method of cooking meat, you might never turn back.  Meat is expensive, and expensive cuts of meat are out of reach for many people, especially on a regular basis:  Sous Vide can turn cheap cuts of meat into the greatest meals you’ve ever eaten! - sous vide meatRegular Cooked Meat   VS.  Sous Vide Cooked Meat


Sous Vide cooking involves putting a vacuum-packed cut of meat into hot water that is temperature controlled to the exact range that is ideal for perfectly cooking the entire piece of meat, so every bit is perfectly cooked.  The meat is then pan seared for a perfect outer shell …


There are only two kinds of computer users:

Group #1 Users who require the most powerful computer available for professional or entrainment applications

Group #2Everyone else…

images(Image from: Invision)

The biggest problem with the computer market is that a lot of people are actually in Group #2 and need only moderate computer power, yet they end up buying computers that are only useful for Group #1, which are pricey over-powered hawgs. When Group #2 pays for too much computer,  they are bleeding a boatload of cash for something they will never utilize.  Let’s zoom in a little closer…

Home Super-Gardens: Grow Your Own Food? Really?

Some feats display how records can be broken, and how incredible things can be done with very little resources. We’ve discussed a great deal about saving money, including on groceries, but this article is going to be a knuckle-ball that will at least get a person thinking.

One Family Grows 6,000LBS of food on 1/10th of an acre

Yes, that’s really happening. People are growing mountains of edible plant foods on almost no land.  This homegrown food can be GMO free, pesticide free, and financially… FREE.

Gardening might not be everyone’s hobby of choice, but remember, when it comes to growing food, nature pitches in with a lot of the work.  Setting up garden space might take some time and resources, and processing your mountain of food might take some time and patience, but great edible produce grown by yourself has the three qualities going for it…


The Costco craze hasn’t simmered, and many people consider the giant warehouse retailer to be a go-to stop for many purchases.  Costco can save a lot with certain purchases, and other times a cool product simply snags your interest.

Costco’s $5 fully cooked rotisserie chickens are an easy dinner with zero work (they sell these at a loss so you come back for more!) and sure you can buy chickens at other stores, but Costco chickens are huge, plump, juicy, and have a better texture than the dry, mushy birds found elsewhere.  At Costco, you can probably find a few mainstays that will shave some serious dollars. Costco’s coffee prices, peanut butter, dried fruits, juice, and many other common items can be incorporated into your yearly shopping routing, for a great discount.

costco-couple(Image from Huffington’ Post)

However, one problem remains: for a few dozen key purchases a year, the $55 per year membership fee is just too much, and it would negate the savings.  Yes, many people use Costco as a grocery mainstay, but the truth is, you will end up paying more for groceries this way.  If you are trying for Great Saver status, grabbing really great deals and ignoring the rest is the best way to utilize Costco.  Hey, there are some ways to chisel down the membership fees…

My Shaving Razors cost $68,000?

The evolution of the razor blade over the last couple decades has left a wake… that wake is a better, easier shave than other cheap disposables, yet with astronomical costs.  This article will blast you with the potent details:

Mach 3 cartridges cost $25 for 10 cartridges,
and $10 to get the Mach 3 handle.
They do shave great…

As the title of the article says, these blades can cost you up to $68,000 over a lifetime, a disgusting amount, and we’ll dive into the numbers, but first, are there better alternatives?  Many say, absolutely…


It’s probably unpatriotic to skip griping about taxes.  It could also be considered a lame-duck decision to ignore the costs of filing taxes, since the snowball effect of these costs over a lifetime is actually quite large.  Every tax saving achieved through grit and determination could potentially be achieved by our fellow citizens, so it’s a win for everyone, so long as we let everyone into the fold…

The average person spends $245 to have a tax specialist prepare their taxes.  That’s a tall order.  Surprisingly, the IRS actually DOESN’T WANT you to pay that money if you make less than $53,000 a year, or are elderly, or disabled, or don’t speak English well enough to get through it!  Saving $245 a year is actually a big deal, because it translates to saving $57,486 in a lifetime…