$30 Gourmet Dinners – from $4 meat – Sous Vide

When we’re smart about money, and we’re willing to set up some simple DIY solutions, we can enjoy luxuries that Big Spenders rarely touch!

When you learn about Sous Vide method of cooking meat, you might never turn back.  Meat is expensive, and expensive cuts of meat are out of reach for many people, especially on a regular basis:  Sous Vide can turn cheap cuts of meat into the greatest meals you’ve ever eaten!

foodoofus.com - sous vide meatRegular Cooked Meat   VS.  Sous Vide Cooked Meat

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Sous Vide cooking involves putting a vacuum-packed cut of meat into hot water that is temperature controlled to the exact range that is ideal for perfectly cooking the entire piece of meat, so every bit is perfectly cooked.  The meat is then pan seared for a perfect outer shell …The outcome is unbelievable at first – an entire tenderloin, roast, steak cut, or anything really, takes on that ‘perfectly cooked’ color and texture through the entire piece of meat.  No other method of cooking can give such results.  Slow cooking at exact temperatures yields results that elite gourmet restaurants can barely pull off (due to time frame).  The trick is cooking the meat for 5-6 hours in a perfectly controlled slow cook, which takes little work at all.

In the end, you have a perfect slab of meat – and to seer the edges, you just drop a little butter in a frying pan and just seer the outsides of the meat.  In the end you have the most succulent, perfect steak you’ll ever eat. Even spend-thrifts can find this method of cooking an ultimate resource saver since cooking Sous Vide can turn the cheapest cuts of meat into better meals than a T-bone cooked by traditional methods.

The problem with traditionally cooking meat is that the edges are always cook way too much, and we are forced to only gauge the center for ‘doneness’.  If you like a steak cooked medium, then why cook the edges to oblivion, leaving only a juicy center??? Sous Vide cooking was the solution to this problem, and the results are worth every bit of effort.

You can buy Sous Vide cookers, but they aren’t cheap.  Since the angle for SAGA is to reduce a cost, to increase our savings, you might want to take the DIY approach and build your own Sous Vide cooker – apparently it’s much cheaper, and pretty easy if you don’t knuckle-head about it.  Learn from the instructables on how to build your own cooker:


If you already have a crock-pot, then you might be a few dollars away from gourmet meat for the rest of your life.

The money you’ll save on meat cuts will add up, and the money you’ll save from buying a Sous Vide cooker will make a nice 1-month savings investment.. Whether you use this trick to eat more meat, or save some money, it’s going to be worth it.

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