and the Rich get richer…

We can talk about the crises in cash flow occurring in modern economics all day long — it’s a major issue and looming catastrophe in America today.  The banks own 63% of the country, and those banks have not only survived their own self-made recession, but that same recession cause a wake of corporate buyouts, and now just 5 banks own most of that 63% of all national wealth.

The entire Federal Reserve system was set up, piece by piece, over the years to give banks an insidious amount of leverageIn fact, did you know that a bank only needs to have 2% of the actual money necessary to fulfill their loans?  that means with $2 million dollars, a bank can write out $100 million dollars in loans, sit back, and collect mountains of interest payments forever.  If you can’t pay your mortgage, they seize the properties, capsizing even decades of payments, and sell those properties again.  The government actually helps banks do this, and our entire money system is based upon it.

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           Now that you are aware of that crisis (if you weren’t already), keep your eye out for monopoly-busting politicians and vote for them!  Right now Elizabeth Warren appears to have the first truly antagonist approach since Theodore Roosevelt who personally sued and broke up a dozen of the largest super-monopolies in the nation.

But let’s jump to a different track of the same topic, in regards to your own life how does the following phrase affect you?

The Rich Get Richer
And the Poor get Poorer…

          We can criticize the cut-throat nature of Capitalism until the moon turns red, with easy accuracy.  But the fact is, without the incentive of Capitalism, INNOVATION DIES, and everyone knows it.  Doing really incredible stuff requires enormous expenditures of energy, and durability that extends far beyond normal work, people tend to forgo such lifelong pursuits if there is no real incentive, because in the very difficult times, the incentive pulls us through discovery.  How many cave-man hunters do you think came back from hunts with nothing, and partied like rock-stars anyways?

Yes, we must consider social well-being, and that balanced has not been reached AT ALL in the modern world; but on some level, we will likely have to fend for ourselves for quite some time.

While it is perhaps easy to do, or fun, most people can shake a finger at the rich, but at least half the rich people of the world actually worked REALLY HARD, and lived VERY CASH-CONSERVATIVELY to become wealthy.

There seems to be two sides of our simple rich/poor statement:


— Really rich people who did little, inherited much, who oppress the poor every chance they get.

— Poor people who work REALLY hard, yet can barely stay above water financially


— Rich people who work INCREDIBLY HARD, and make careful ventures into wealth-making prospects, enduring huge risks along the way, and often forgoing all or most forms of normal activity to get that accomplished.

— Poor people who do as little as possible, slack off, blow off money on junk, and never aspire to much.

We know the reality, and the spectrum — it’s real

How will we take hold of our lives and make something better?

I’ve said before, if you want to be a prodigy, try ‘kindness’ because few people are stepping up to that challenge so it’s really not hard to shine!  Making smart choices with your money might be a close second.

Imagine a raft floating in the ocean… a shipwreck occurred, and a dozen people are stuck floating on it.  There are few supplies, a few jugs of water to go around.

In the best scenario, everyone realizes the only smart thing to do is ration those supplies, and try to catch some fish!

In the worst scenario, a few people chug the water, then end up drinking sea water, go crazy and either drown in the ocean in a fit of delirium, or they start attacking the other passengers in their madness, and end up having to be subdued or killed by the other passengers.  That’s the outcome in the fun/sad/crazy book called “Pi”.

In life (with money) some people believe they are rationing supplies, when really they’re not!  They are not rationing at all – they have HUGE bills that consume MOST of their income, and they take on radical daily expenses that compile worse than enormous heavy rocks on very thin ice.

It would be hard to accuse any ‘poor’ person of being totally deleterious to themselves in a way than cannot be modified or repaired – the world isn’t a pretty place in a lot of ways, and Big Commerce has it out for everyone!!!

For our own personal understandings, however, we must see that the only thing that separates the wealthy from the poor are Earning And Spending Habits that either compile into interest earning savings, or dwindle to nothingness.

Every purchase large, medium, or small fits into a category that either counts as legitimate rationing, or like on our small ocean raft, becomes like ‘guzzling the water’ and moving towards a faster death.  Every choice we make with cash either burns that cash away, or utilizes it in a way that benefits our future.  We have no choice but to buy food, clothing, housing, and healthcare, but we do have a choice when it comes to most other things! Securing the basic necessities of life as cheaply as possible is a KEY COMPONENT to getting off the floor of poverty.  Managing ourselves very carefully when it comes to all other expenditures becomes the “rationing of the water” on our ocean raft.

Surviving on a raft in the ocean is one of the worst survival stories possible… but some people have lasted 2, 3, even 4 months and floated to the nearest shore (many make it a week or two).  Those who chug the water make it a week or less.  The point is that the human being is capable of substantial feats of survival, yet somehow that ability is disenfranchised when ANYONE gets a bigger paycheck.  How many people do you know live very cheaply in college, then get a fancy new job, and a bigger paycheck, and somehow now they are constantly tapped out!?


Attending to your REAL needs is not being a martyr, cheap, or scrooge-like: it’s being the smart, calm person in the ocean raft who is rationing water and stabilizing their situation.  Folks who are blowing money around, neck deep in debt, with no future savings have no room to talk about money to anyone really, their influence is poor and creates poverty: on our ocean raft, when a crazed individual grabs the jug of water and starts to chug it… do we admire them later??? No, usually everyone just hates them for it…

Making the right decisions with money always means getting the least of what you need to solve the REAL problems of the moment.  Making the right choices means keeping an eye on the future — that’s our capability as human beings – it’s what separates us from the simplest creatures…  squirrels save nuts, birds migrate for whole seasons, what do humans do?…

We save to enable retirement as early as possible!

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