Being a Great Saver is not about living among others (who spend their every penny) while you torture yourself in abstinence of spending, while living a terrible, bland, horrible, boring lifestyle.

The Saver is usually a DO-ER.

Spenders might see DOING differently though…

If you look far and wide at the experiences offered by the commercial world, you have to understand that almost all of those experiences are crafted by financiers, and business people, and those experiences are established and maintained to make money.  Restaurants, Casinos, Malls, Vacation Resorts, Airports, Boats, Huge Gyms, Clubs… what else is there?  Having those experiences is not the act of ‘DOING’.  The real DO-ERS were the people who crafted, designed, and implemented those experiences for you to get herded through!

There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself here and there, but utilizing other people’s business models to fork over cash is troublesome WHEN YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR OWN FUTURE!!! Most avenues of spending, and activities created by business people were accomplished to make money.  This translates to value being taken from the transaction.

Consider these ways of using money:

$50 at a BAR once a week – $2400/year – $24,000/decade – $192,000 over 80 years
$80 at a CASINO once a week – $3840/year – $38,400/decade – $307,200 over 80 years
$30/month GYM MEMBERSHIP – $360/year – $3,600/decade – $28,800 over 80 years
Couple sees 2 MOVIES + SNACKS/month – $720/year – $8,640/decade- $69,120 over 80 years
Couple at RESTAURANT: ($40 per visit)
         1 time per week:  $1,920/year – $19,200/decade – $153,600 over 80 years
2 times per week:  $3,840/year – $38,400/decade – $307,200 over 80 years
4 times per week:  $7,680/year – $76,800/decade – $614,400 over 80 years

While a lot of people would say they could afford $40 to go out to eat once a week – I don’t hear anyone say they can afford $153,600 to eat out once a week for 80 years!!

A Gym Membership sounds very reasonable – but a lifetime membership might cost some people TWO FULL YEARS OF FORCED FUTURE LABOR!!! I personally go jogging, and have a wide selection of dumbbells, and workout DVD’s that cost me about $200: a one-time cost.  So my total savings in the Gym category starts at $26,800!!! (not counting Compound Interest and opportunity costs)

As always, OPPORTUNITY COSTS increase the costs of these activities far and beyond the initial payment.

If we don’t eat at restaurants, we would save enough money over a lifetime to OWN A RESTAURANT, or three (which would make you a DO-ER!).  Those restaurants could profit, and those profits are an exponential loss added on top of cost of the restaurant you would have bought!  The final cost could end up being  one, two, three MILLION DOLLARS OR MORE!!

Eating at restaurants can feel like ‘doing,’ but really – you are getting done by the real do-ers.

Going to a gym might feel outgoing – but there are downsides to a gym membership – namely that you might have to work 2 full years to pay for it! (Plus the sweaty meat-heads!)  Also, when you factor in lost opportunity costs which could double that savings – you are actually looking at $53,000 loss to swap sweat, and wait in line for gym machines.  Sure, we can validate some expenditures, but this is a pretty good argument!

Great Savers love this type of math, because it is like a mark of valor every time they avoid being sucked into financial burdens: Great Savers are buying their own freedom in the future.


– They learn to cook a few good meals, and over years, they become good cooks!
– They catch a Youtube video on a simple car repair, and fix it themselves.
– They remodel their own bathrooms or kitchens (it’s hard work, but many can do it!)
– Savers more frequently take part in REAL life, not the false life of experiences put forth by financiers.
– These experiences and learnings are POWERFUL – it leads to much bigger things, and then:

Savers eventually get to learn something incredible –
a whole new world of thought –
they get to learn how to USE their savings to make more money.
This is a club that almost no one in the world ever joins.

The sad truth is that most of the world is poor.  Very poor.  If we could help that poverty, and improve those lives, there would be no bigger accomplishment.  That’s what is so crazy about being in America and spending every dime you have on more expensive versions of the same stuff.  You see, when you buy things, or take part in experiences, you are partly paying for something, and partly paying profits or debt interest on loans, which is ultimately  paying for nothing — you work for money, so if you are paying for nothing, then you are working for nothing!

When it comes to negotiating personal finances,
escaping the debt and spending cycle is the Great Saver’s first priority…


Sure, there are businesses who extend onto debt endlessly to induce extreme growth, but they are protected under the corporate shell entity usually –  those businesses have become personal entities, according to U.S. Law.  The business can collapse and sometimes not touch the personal finances of the individuals who work at the business. No, this is not a piece of personal advice; it’s a very loose discussion point because exercising the option to demolish a business to exacerbate gains and escape debt is illegal and frequently punishable by prison time!

Individuals cannot remain oblivious with their money – even though businesses everywhere are trying to convince people to be loose with their cash – the business owners themselves are not even living that way!

Evolving into a Great Saver is about creating your circumstance,
not living in circumstances created by others.
It’s about understanding where money comes from and how it grows.

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