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Life’s command to take specific pro-active steps to revolutionize your stability on this planet was understood in every era:

quote-if-you-want-to-succeed-in-the-world-you-must-make-your-own-opportunities-as-you-go-on-the-man-who-john-bartholomew-gough-343586Wow, seventh wave huh!? Powerful commentary Mr. Gough!

By personal nature alone, taking a forward lean on problem solving is not a quality everyone has.  Becoming something greater than we are, is a condition that’s created by ourselves.  Utilizing one’s assets, and pulling up our ability to create answers to problems is one of the great separations between us and our ancestors, the apes.  Many people do not breached the entry-level to solving real problems, and it’s important to look at this issue…

Here are some anecdotal examples:

1.  I was riding a bike down the shoulder of an empty highway once, and stumbled upon a stopped car, and there was a man sitting inside.  I decided to ask if he was alright.  Well, he had a flat tire, and was just sitting there, without a clue what to do next.  I was happy to change his tire for him of course, but he didn’t even know where to start.

2.  I saw a show with a millionaire house flipper, and his entire project was about to be suspended indefinitely because he needed to have someone solder in a new faucet, and for whatever reason, there wasn’t a professional plumber available.  However, there are Youtube videos that can show anyone how to solder in a faucet.  I personally learned to do plumbing after watching a couple Youtube videos.  This fellow was reliant on dozens of basic skills that other people were doing for him, to make millions, yet he couldn’t do even the most basic things himself.  It looked very bizarre on television.

3.  I hear people say “I can’t cook” all the time – or more specifically, things like “I”m not a good baker”.  The truth to 90% of good cooks out there is that they simply follow a recipe, word for word.  Then you put the food into the oven, and set the timer.  The key is to watch the food cook near the end of the cooking time, so it doesn’t burn.  Cooking is more simple than learning to read, or learning to do math as a kid… yet people who both frequently say, “I can’t cook.”  Which really means “I don’t want to solve a problem.”

      There are a lot of reasons these problems might seem unsolvable.  One reasons is the absence of someone to show you the way, to make you comfortable, and to give you an understanding of the baby-steps to get acclimated into a new skill, ability, or a whole new field of problems that you can solve yourself.


The ability to solve NEW problems really goes like this:

You have no idea what’s going on
You look at what’s going on
You don’t understand most of it, but with some gazing you see one thing that is going on.
You handle what you DO understand
You form questions about what you DO NOT understand
You turn to reliable places to ask those questions, or you set off to answer those questions yourself

There is only so much knowledge in this world, and the cavernous questions all have a back wall to be reached. The problems, they can be solved.

Everyone has experience solving problems, but many people don’t solve most of them.  Many people shy away from problems altogether, however…

“Our lives are often suspended and limited
by the amount of problems 
we are willing to solve.
                                                     Adam C. Klein
A few circumstances pushed me into a series of what seemed like outlandish problem solving situations, that extended for months using dozens of skills I didn’t even have.  It really was an agony solving all the problems, but it pushed me far beyond any threshold I previously had.  Part of the agony of that situation was the massive number of problems I had to solve, but the other part was that every one of these problems was tedious and uninteresting to myself.  I didn’t enjoy it.  However, by pushing through anyways, it expanded my thresholds of experience, and it led me to believe and see clearly, that…
“It’s from solving the problems
we don’t want to solve, 
that our lives are capable
of the most monumental changes.”
                                                                                   Adam C. Klein
After that series of incidences unfolded, and I arrived on the other side, I was able to tackle more than I ever had.  Complex stuff seemed simpler.  When projects extended past the ‘easy part’ and needed real problem solving, I didn’t shelve the harder parts, instead I went straight for them.
For us, in our daily lives, in can be easy to submit to our roles, and succumb to a set of procedures that compose our ordinary daily life.  We move into autopilot, we do our ‘stuff’ and then we blow off steam and relax a little.  It can be really easy to forget the ENORMOUS FEATS OF OUTRAGEOUSLY DIFFICULT STUFF that human beings are doing everywhere around us.
People are building space ships and satellites.
People have actually built a giant round machine larger than a building, that drills through the Earth AND at the same time builds giant finished tunnels for roads… yes!
People are working meticulously to cure disease, and resolve surgeries every day, all day long.
Individuals are leading tons of other people through complex objectives and goals
People are not only designing cars, but they are designing the machines that build cars.
People are single-handedly building houses, cultivating land, and pushing the boundaries of their own personal skills everywhere
While we may consider many of these people geniuses, the truth is, only part of them is genius.  The other part is just a willingness to use their human nature to complete larger tasks, larger goals, and to put the unsolved problems of the future behind them, one step at a time… sometimes, one grueling step at a time.
The trick to revolutionizing our lives can mean intentionally finding new problems to be solved, then having the courage and persistence to solve them.  Sure, the slew of pathways for future change can seem complex, but the truth is, it’s all a game of clustered problem solving.
Right now, in your own city, there are people more reluctant than you, more limited than yourself, and with less resources — yet some of them will take on problems and solve them, and their life situation will surpass your own.  Sure, life is not strictly a competition, but nature is.  Solving the problems of nature are what made civilization what it is.
The scope and magnitude of what’s going on around us should always serve as an initiator into solving our own problem. Developing  pro-active personal behavior seems to have only two sides: being reluctant (or even lazy), or being willing to take on a challenge.  Reluctance means everything stays the same. Taking on challenges means that life changes.  Taking your own personality from reluctance and into adamant problem solving is about pulling a new mentality together, about shifting priorities, and utilizing what we really have within us, to accomplish what we really are capable of accomplishing.
Does this relate to Early Retirement???
The goal of Early Retirement is to defeat the curve of expenditure, and to amplify your income, so that your income flow expands into an income that pays you to live today, and throughout your entire entire life thereafter.
People that run businesses take on an enormous slate of problems to solve, and they make more money than everyone else because they establish a way to use the labor of others to also pay themselves.  The Early Retirement Saga is about squeezing a little more prosperity out of your own self.  While some people run businesses composed of many people, this is about running some of your own personal affairs like a business, a business of just one person.
Many people won’t solve basic problems… they won’t try to solve problems to save cash, or shift their spending habits, and they’ll think about saving, but they’ll never do it.  Can you imagine knowing you have to eat food, but not even being willing to get off the couch to get a bag of chips??  That’s what ignoring our future is like: it means we sit here and know that our future needs must be met, but pretending like the future will take care of itself.
I can’t tell you how many times people ask questions about problems they have, problems that have simple answers… as soon as it becomes evident that they will have to actually DO SOMETHING to solve the problem the conversation just tapers off.
The willingness to solve our problems as they arise separates the DO-ER from the wanna-be.
Sometimes real problems feel the worst while solving them, but they always feel the best (someday) after being solved, mostly because they extend your ability and because you become a new person after solving such problems.
The more you take the bull by the horns, the more you realize that your ability to track and take down real problems is the true power of the human life, if used wisely of course.
Turning away from such issues, hiding from them, ignoring the impact on life… that’s what’s keeps people stuck in place, with no change coming!!!
Try to keep this question in mind:
What happens if I identify the real problems in my life, and REALLY start to solve them?
Don’t balk… take those problems out!
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