There’s no stopping it –
We can’t wish it away –
We can fight it, and plan for it,
but no matter what, there will come a time when our bodies tire.
From whatever age – your future involves a retirement,
and there are a few angles that must be considered.

Financially, retirement is the ultimate challenge,
because nature never sanctioned it…


Everyone has different types of work, with different structures of payout, and a different projection of cash – and not all careers are super-efficient at generating a gap between current costs of living, and generating massive savings.

For EVERY career there are ways to spend and save money financially, the question always is How Low Will You Go?  What changes, efforts, or sacrifices are possible this week, month, or year to guarantee an improved month, year, or decade to follow?

I shiver at the idea of an isolated Freak Saver eating cat-food to save a dollar, or showering once a week, or shutting off their whole house except for one room, and huddling around a tiny rocket stove wrapped in blankets, breathing cold fog, through a hellish winter. Sure, the savings would be phenomenal, but inspiration and productivity would surely dwindle, and at some point it would be hard to get work with the weird smells emanating from your body.

As we work today, we overcome our costs.  As we refrain from entering gluttonous expenditures, such as drinking 2 Nerdbucks lattes a day, hoarding a closet full of designer clothes, blowing money weekly at salons or bars, or burning cash on the wrong debts, impressing friends, or buying 2 or 3 of everything.  As we avoid those things – we contribute to our massive plan to hold some part of the future in our hands, and own it.

The truth is, no one is guaranteeing our future.  Social Security collects through a lifetime, but it requires having a very steady, decent paying career to actuate it.

Having Cash Money in savings is critical, and we’ll talk about how to multiply cash with investment.

Relying on Pensions could be a real possibility for some, but for many, there will be no such thing.

It is our overall ability to create situations to utilize our savings to create more savings and income that will separate the Saps from the Great Savers – and eventually from the Great Savers will rise those enduring enough, crafty enough, understanding, tolerant, and prodigious enough to become officially free from the lifelong grip of Big Commerce.

From various angles, in greater detail, this website will continue to discuss these topics – but we must have an official primer, a walk-through, to generate the will to think about such things.  These are the questions of retirement below – and the next 5 articles will address each one

1. Cash Money – how much actual money will you have at the age of needed retirement

2. Will there still be Social Security Payouts available – if so, at what age to begin?

3. Are Pensions a modern myth for most people?

4. Trajectory of Investments – when you retire, how much revenue will your investments continue to make

5. How much money can you REALLY live on?

No matter what your age, Big Commerce is taking heads – and planning against that reign of terror is essential!  If you are younger – say 20, 30, or even 40 – then establishing TRAJECTORY OF INVESTMENTS is a priority.  Cash Money saved today can be translated into investments and entrepreneurial adventures.  At older ages, this still applies – I know people who started their first business at 50, 60, and even 70 years of age!  

Life is there to be lived.

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