The purely motivational aspect of our psyche has a huge impact on taking all initiatives, which truly affects our surge for Early Retirement!!!

Being pro-active means being willing
to derail the current situation
to strive for new solutions.

the rock - Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson:

You’ve probably fathomed the added level of difficulty it would take to run a business, and striving for Early Retirement has a similar added level of difficulty.  Achieving income to cover several decades of life is like running a business now, to provide for yourself later.  Though, creating deep savings is more like a hobby-business, which is cool, because that means it’s easier…  This truly revolutionizing saga to reach for Early Retirement deserves a legitimate pro-active pep talk… a de-railer… a moment of repose to step up!  Developing NEW solutions is what makes us most human.  Our intelligence and will can unite to achieve what seemed impossible before.  Establishing NEW patterns of behavior that will enhance our future can bring living innovation straight into our lives.

IT TAKES EFFORT to be pro-active and ramp an aspect of our life to a new plateau.

IT TAKES FORTITUDE to continue that effort!!

IT TAKES SMARTS to adjust your ourselves along the way.

Doing the same old thing is a sign of adjustment.  In nature, adjustment can be a scary thing because it’s a matter of life and death.  So when we achieve level, stable patterns, human beings can start to linger, and after time, become like cows and just stay put. We do what’s already working.

NEW adaptation has driven our entire universe: plants and animals are always changing genetically and experientially through life.  We face new environments and achieve survival.  With new pressures, we can achieve more.

At key points, when critical change is possible or necessary, stagnant old behavior is usually what holds us down.  Our minds can’t get around the big picture, and our will doesn’t take initiative.

Creating new habits of living requires mentally putting ourselves into the future, to think about the past we need to create to take us to a better situation.


It’s not a matter of waiting it out, shopping around, dabbling here and there: big things don’t happen like this.

To make real change in our lives, we hone in on what’s already working for others – and we start hacking out those building blocks, TODAY.  Then as we gain levity, we focus innovation towards new and better solutions.

PRO-ACTIVE Personalities measure up a situation, they take a bite out of the easy stuff, and accomplish that, but they don’t IGNORE THE HARD PART; instead, they stalk difficulty like a tiger.

PRO-ACTIVE People know that accomplishing the hard part IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT.  That “hard part” is why no one else moves past that point: other people’s will slacks, and they just pack-up and go home.  They forget.  They find something shiny, and turn towards it.  They do the easy part, but when the challenge shows up, they abandon ship!

Everything legitimate goal is usually about 60% too hard!!!  The first 40% of great goals is easy, fun, motivating, and empowering: and the second 60% breaks down like this:

20% is just boring

20% is costly, and requires you to change

20% seems impossible without real effort, and usually requires you to learn something, or break a plateau of some kind: truly challenging stuff.

People who insist on accomplishing incredible things learn to face these final stages of a goal.  People who take on life-changing behaviors develop a deep relationship with the last 10% of every goal: the last 10% is the endgame (and sometimes a game-changer).  The last 10% is dreaded by everyone else.  The last 10% is what almost NO ONE ELSE WILL DO.  It requires the most effort, a whole new layer of attention, and sometimes it requires innovation, extreme motivation, or will power to accomplish.

Here’s a personal example: I have been a life-long jogger, and have run 2-5 miles a few times a week, for decades.   I usually always ran the same, decently quick pace; a nice fast jog.  Then one day, I just started running faster…

It wasn’t pleasant!  When I hit the wall of being tired, I just ran into the exhaustion, and pushed anyways.  After a couple weeks of jogging like this, I wasn’t really jogging anymore – I was actually running a really fast pace for miles.  After four weeks, I was running 4 miles faster than any jogger you would ever see roadside.  I was blasting by, and a few people shouted “Nice Pace!”

I came to see how potent “the last 10%” really is. When I go running, and I’m near the end, and my body wants to quit… I tell myself, “THIS LAST 10% IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT.  THIS IS WHY I’M HERE!”

“This is why I’m here.”

The first 90% of effort won’t take us to new levels.

New capabilities arise from within the the last 10% of effort.

“This is why I’m here.”

when it gets hard

when it gets tricky or confusing.

When it seems impossible, or like twice the work you imagined.. “This is why I’m Here.”

You don’t get to a new place based on lofty impulses, or on nice dreamy thoughts alone.  You don’t accomplish goals by finishing the first easy 40%.  We don’t get anywhere new by dabbling our way to 50% or 60% completion.  We get everything we strive for by finishing the LAST 10%: this usually involves thinking we finished something, only to need even more effort to really accomplish something awesome.

We reach the near-finish, AND THEN PUT IN 10% MORE EFFORT.  We learn to reach out in a better way, and to reach further.  We try to figure out what everyone else is doing, and then add that ‘something extrathat few are willing to do.

A pro-active stance is what Early Retirement will require. That’s what applying savings in our current lifestyles will require. That’s what is required to start a business, or acquire real estate, or engage our savings into investments that work.

We’ve talked about it before: the world is full of people who feel like they are “doing”, but really they are just engaging with the prescribed patterns of motions that real DO-ERS set forward…

Think about this: if you were to pick up a workout DVD from the 1980’s, you would find little challenge.  They exercise programs back then were simple and easy compared to “Insanity” or “P90x”.  The workout DVD’s in our current times are hardcore professional training programs.  Plateaus are often something we don’t recognize until people outside of us break them down.  Well… WE ARE CAPABLE OF BREAKING THOSE PLATEAU OURSELVES!

In most of life, people innovate little, we hit the grindstone, and make it through life. We gain, and we lose what we gain.  Plateaus are always being broken by innovators, and by DO-ERS.

Pro-active personalities are made because…

They sought out the difficult thing to do… and they do it.

They gauge the challenge, and take it on, one manageable piece at a time… and the do it.

They reach out to LEARN, and where there is no learning, they take action to teach themselves something new by asking questions of the problem at hand, and discovering answers as they go along…

Pro-active personalities discover what the LAST 10% is about… they become familiar with it.  They feel the need for enduring the LAST 10% coming on.  They face it, they accept it, they push through it.  They develop this entire set of coping processes just to deal with the LAST 10%!!!

For most of us, Early Retirement will require a new application of mindset:  Retire Early or Get Rich Trying.  It is possible to magnify your current effort and become a Great Saver, and to become wealthy trying to retire early!

The reason for this Pro-Active pep talk is to help initiate the critical mass inside you that is NEEDED to rip money from your wallet and put it into effective savings/investment, TODAY.  Take out $50 or $100 or more and manually put it someplace with the VERY REAL near-immediate-future plan of actually investing it ..

Don’t let floppy guts take hold!!

Well I’d definitely do it later…”  NO NOW!!
As soon as my car loan is paid off…NO NOW!
Next paycheck.. well I mean the one after that..NO NOW!

Get the ball rolling now.
Don’t save a little, and then let the steam blow off!!!
Don’t let something shiny take away your attention!!
Don’t slack!!!
Go find something to save… and never stop!!!


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