PRINTER INK Cartridges = Cash Destruction

This post will save you A MOUNTAIN of cash!!!
We’re talking real, invest-able money…

Installing a CIS ink system on your inkjet printer could would end the need to buy severely overpriced cartridges.  By avoiding the purchase of just 2-8 cartridges a year, you could save $16,425 (2 refills) to $50,000 (8 refills) through a lifetime {using SAGA retirement fund math}.  Hard to believe, but the proof is in the pudding…


Installing CIS is very possible, a lot of people are doing it this very instant because they are, well, giving up laziness and abiding by sound logic…

          When the printer ink runs low, it never feels good, because new ink will put a serious dent in your fortune.  Depending on how much you print, this little cost can easily become disrupting.  The more printing that goes down, the worse it gets… mailing labels, business receipts, photographs: the costs become lifetime-astronomical!!!  Printer ink can be a looming, substantial expense that just takes a bite out of your future earnings.  Many people revert to laser printers, which is fine, but another alternative is to put CIS ink tanks on the printer you already have, and the costs can become even better than laser.

Did you know:

In the United States most printer ink companies have forcefully signed agreements with retail stores, requiring that retail stores DO NOT sell cheap ink refill kits for printers?  In almost every other country, store’s printer ink section has cheap refill kits sold right beside the expensive cartridges.  Many U.S. citizens have bought refill kits on the internet to evade the high cost of new cartridges.

The first think you do when you get a basic ink refill kit is to use the supplied hand-drill to put a little hole into the cartridge, then you simply fill it up!  Some of the old kits from 10 years ago didn’t always work well: the cartridge dried up and clogged prematurely, and off you went to the store to by the expensive cartridge anyways… that’s changed however.

I heard about CIS systems, and always wanted one (CIS stands for CONTINUOUS INK SYSTEM). With a CIS you can buy bulk ink, and simply fill a few small reservoir tanks which usher ink directly to your printer cartridges, leaving them forever filled.  When the ink gets low, you just fill up the reservoirs. THE INK IS DIRT CHEAP!

You can add CIS to your own printer.  I completed this project in a few hours and it works flawlessly.  The project requires little smarts, and a Dremel tool (or better yet a Harbor Freight dremel-type rotary tool which is much cheaper) to cut a little plastic here and there — in the end, the project seemed quite simple overall, and now the ink flows cheaply FOREVER! If you can sew a button on a shirt, or change a flat tire, you probably have the cognitive awareness to pull this project off.

I bought my CIS on EBAY: they sell new systems, dirt cheap;  you can check them out by clicking this link below: EBAY: CIS PRINTER INK SYSTEMS :  Add your printer model into the search box phrase supplied with the link, and look for a good deal.

At Ebay, always buy from a reputable seller who has great feedback, and search that seller’s (very few) negative feedbacks to scope out any complaints about the specific item you are about to buy!

With this next link, you can quickly browse EBAY for ‘CIS REFILL’ a good search term to find bulk ink: EBAY: CIS REFILL INK

Let’s look at the money:

If you are looking into CIS, you are looking to beat the system, or really need to lower your ink costs.  The printers with the cheapest new cartridges still set you back $40 a set.  For many printers, new ink would cost up to $100 for a new set.  So, if you can crush that cost to around $5 a refill (do-able) then you save $35 each refill!  Yes, your first refill will almost cover the cost of a CIS install.

Let’s assume you bought the cheapest Canon or Epson printer for basic office/image printing, and you save $35 per refill forever… (the numbers below could triple if your current printer has the $100+ cartridges!)

2 refills a year = save $70
invested 6% Compound Interest yearly for 30 years = $5,866
that can pay you $352 per year for the following 30 years = additional $10,559
your total recovery = $16,425

4 refills a year = save $140
invested 6% Compound Interest yearly for 30 years = $11,732
that can pay you $703 per year for the following 30 years = additional $20,090
your total recovery = $33,822

8 refills a year = save $240
invested 6% Compound Interest yearly for 30 years = $20,112
that can pay you $1207 per year for the following 30 years = additional $36,210
your total recovery = $56,322

Case and point, CIS systems are a total victory for GREAT SAVERS.  Remember we’re just looking for a few savings-diamonds in the rough, and it looks like cheap printer ink could be a diamond in the making… actually CIS will will literally save you the cost of a few dozen diamonds!

The only thing keeping us from owning the wealth of MULTIPLE DOZENS OF DIAMONDS over a lifetime is using printer ink cartridges from the manufacturer: time to suck it up and install CIS!

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