Is MONEY the root of EVIL????

You might have seen television shows that involve bartering for goods… it is not a simple process.  Few argue against the convenience of money for trading goods and services.

Money systems, deep roots in governments, whole economies, all tied to the inherent  problems with financial speculation-driven markets:  All these qualities frequently obscure true value and create legitimate problems that derail the best humanistic considerations of most people involved.  The staggering difference in world economic leverage yields a huge disproportion of the value of money/labor across the globe.  That global leverage is a great source of wealth for some, and a great circumstance of tragedy for others.

People know one thing – almost no one else is willing to sign their paycheck over to them directly.  So, since money isn’t exactly flowing like an endless gift exchange on Christmas day, the need to horde cash will probably never go away…

While financial over-lording can be altered at the government level – there is little to stop the machine of commerce that is destined to churn profits, and often times, lower wages, crimping individual well-being quite easily.  On the other hand, incentive creates motivation, so the Free Market and open commerce leads to progressive change, in a way that is difficult to match.

It is our animalistic purpose on this Earth to survive, and to try to thrive. As a whole group, we can affect policies, and level playing fields, but managing one’s own resources and finances effectively will always be a part of the human predicament.

Regardless of monetary architecture, the need to plan for the future will also never go away – and the amount of waste that occurs by ignoring tomorrow and living-large today will almost always equate to a disingenuous, fragmented, problem-ridden future in one of many ways that an absence of resources can plague the modern human life.

Managing money is a process – there are a slew of lottery winners whose lives first exploded with filthy-rich spending: some of thier lives then imploded in a few years, ending in total financial collapse.  A smaller, but similar fate is occurring across the country with massive numbers of financial casualties regarding large debts and credit cards.

The truth of cash is that a dollar earned
can become another dollar.

Trading goods and services isn’t evil – so how can money be the root of evil?  Do we blame the person, or the gun?  On a very personal level we are all tied to the system as a whole, but rooting out the worst-of-the-worst in terms of moral offenders (who use money as their weapon of choice) is not exactly a task accomplished by your average Citizen Joe, on a Tuesday afternoon, after working 8 days in a row.

It’s what people do with money that can insinuate cruelty, bizarre mental behavior, or situate Big Evil throughout the world.  It’s also the leverage of power other people have over you that allows that struggle to be more deeply felt.  The freedom sought by Great Savers is the ability to rid themselves of the grip others have over them, as those people exert their leverage over you and me, personally every day, in everything we do that’s related to money.

         For these reasons, aside from political action, or whole economic game-changers, the best protection you have in reducing the ill effects of money appears to be… having more money.  It’s a philosophical double-edged sword, and it’s not going away soon. Living with money is a difficult issue, but money is like a battery – it holds your own labor in storage, and you use it to buffer yourself from the world.  Money management is essential because financial protection is an almost unnatural thing, something seen clearly because much of the world faces the dire end of poverty, frequently and relentlessly.

Taking for granted the ability to insinuate a better future, and then to slowly accomplish that future is a fatal flaw and some would say a ludicrous use of a perfectly good opportunity.  There are many good people out there, but when it comes to someone else needing money to live on, few people answer that call twice.  While money can be used for much goodness, our personal needs remain: the cold winter nights remain cold, we need to eat every day, and the future years of old age are waiting, and those years compose a third of our lives…

        There is not a decent person alive who wouldn’t solve humanity’s problem in an instant, if they could.  For whatever sad truth, our collective mesh-of-consciousness still seems unable to point itself towards curing the human predicament, the woes of which would be reduced 70% or more, if we just used our machines to give everyone housing, sustenance… and maybe even the internet.

The evil of the world comes from an often sublimated quality that’s not always at the forefront of our existence, or our choices.  It slips through the cracks and builds upon itself, a few percentage-points a time.  Tie a bunch of ongoing systems of choices together, or mold a system of such arrangements, and there it is… the root of Evil, and yes, it’s in our money too.

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