Bare Minimum to Save for Retirement???

If you read the last post – you saw that $4.21 saved per day is probably the bare minimum needed to save for retirement.  This translates to $1,500 a year, over 40 years. Of course, we dare you to do better than that!

$4.21 is also roughly the amount paid on one Nerdbucks coffee per day: or a pack of smokes: or a couple less gallons of gas burned per week.  Everywhere I look I see costs that can be shaved to generate savings.

         The Early Retirement Saga intends to hit savings at every angle, with a few key savings on things you already spend money on, which you can divert towards a veritable cash mountain that will help buy your FREEDOM…

When we compare the small amounts of money we need to save, we can easily see that just a couple poor-man’s luxuries bought daily could be the difference between Early Retirement or instead hitting the age of retirement, dirt poor.  At almost any level of income, there is REALLY NO EXCUSE to ignore the need to save, that goes for anyone that earns income that’s at least a couple bucks over minimum wage.

Can you put $21 per week into a safe investment, and continuously re-invest that money into a well-performing mutual fund, like Vanguard funds???

Break it down any way you can:

$4 a day equals
$21 a week,
$124 per month,
$1500 per year

         These are the minimum numbers we should look at!  Great Savers will be able to accomplish much more.  EXTREME SAGA SUPERSTARS will learn to turn Great Savings out of anything on the pathway to true freedom and Early Retirement.

Passive investment and compound interest are miracles at work.  Just be wary of raw investments into volatile stocks, and make your own judgements conservatively with risk.  While I also personally advocate starting micro-businesses, it’s a matter of how much you desire to accomplish independently, since it’s not exactly an easy task.

The goal is to motivate yourself into an awareness of Savings-in-Spending, which will EASILY set free the needed capital to begin your Saga.

To say it bluntly:
Pissing away money is A way of life
– and doing the opposite is THE way of life!!

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