Welcome to Early Retirement Saga  – It’s never a bad time to take a serious looks at money handling, money making, and issues of contending with Big Commerce. Most people are willing to accept that money has meaning, and that saving money is good, yet…

There are many different mindsets toward money…
One thing that can be repeatedly seen
is that managing money does not come naturally to everyone.

        Sure, there are rich people with HUGE incomes, some who are stretched so deeply into debt they look essentially penniless on paper.  There are also poor people with small incomes who save a lot, spend lightly, and their bank accounts grow beyond the accounts of a wealthy people.  If both this wealthy person and the poor person were to lose their job today – the poor person would still thrive, while the wealthy person might be at risk of going belly-up in bankruptcy court… Smart choices, some caution, and learning can turn portions of your income into the true building blocks of wealth.  What is important now (especially for money-burners) is to look at money as a historic backlog, a crystal of a person’s time and hours spent in labor. The people who don’t burn money easily usually feel the value of past labor in a stronger, more potent way.

Radical Spenders
feel a disconnection between what money is, and how it is tied to them.
feel that time spent working in the PAST is just “in the past”
feel that everyone is spending money, so why shouldn’t they
feel stronger positive feelings from making purchases, and less negative feelings from spending
feel that the future will look like the present, and current stability will remain.
have less of a feeling of unfairness about the world’s markets

Radical Savers
can feel that money spent is actually FUTURE time they must spend working for another person who is capitalizing on that effort more than themselves.
realize they don’t know the future, and that current stability is not in their control as much as stability is in the world’s control.
feel like other people’s deep spending has nothing to do with themselves
feel more resistance when making purchases, and deeper buyer’s remorse (because they feel like they pay for each purchase with future work, not past work.)
feel the world markets are slanted in favor of the business owners, and so their own position as a consumer and as a worker for a business is not the best position to make rampant decisions as far as reducing their own personal financial stability in that world market.

Savers find alleviation from these woes by saving instead of spending – they might go into a store and walk out with nothing sometimes.  Savers are probably more aware of prices, and grow more aware of which stores have better prices.

Savers begin to have a bank accounts that grow.  So instead of having many old things that get older, or having a mortgage that was realistically too large to being with, savers instead make choices based on SAVINGS.  To some people that sounds like sacrifice, but the debt-driven market and living on rampant spending is not something human beings are ‘entitled’ to, and thus avoiding some of these spending traps is really not a sacrifice – it’s just logical!

So as the bank accounts of Savers grow, a portion of life opens up to them that Spenders never get to see – a Saver eventually realizes they have a stock-pile of money, and that money is something that can be used to make more money.  Savings represents man-power, and time spent working, so eventually you can use that “crystallized labor” that money is to make money for you, whether by investment property, stock, or in starting a business, or even an array of micro-businesses.

Debt has a lot of uses – but one of its greatest uses
is making other rich people even wealthier for doing very little,
as you pay them interest for years, or decades.

Saving is definitely an attitude, and for many people, it may require an experiment to see what having savings FEELS like.  We are not talking about having $1,000 or $2,000 on the side, for a rainy day, a vacation, or in case you need a new transmission – we are talking about stowing away TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to solidify your safety in a crazy free-market world.

The difference between $20,000 PLUS in saving is the difference between working for a business, or running a business.  It’s the difference from making $200 a year in the stock market, or making $4,000 a year or more in that same market.  Having huge savings is the difference from pissing away your past years of working, or instead – cherishing that person (past you) who made that money with great effort, and securing that same person (present and future you) with a better future.

– It is NEVER too late to start saving radically

– It is NEVER too late to learn something new, to reduce debts, to shop smarter….

So let’s talk about money in a simple and straight-forward way,
and get the mind working in a positive direction for the future!

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SAGA can save your friends! Feel free to like and share!

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