Life requires solving a lot of problems, which means coming up with a lot of solutions.  Sometimes it’s easier to rely on the same methods of solving problems, while taking on new challenges involves taking on new challanges willingly, of course.

Even though big change feels more difficult, during such challenges we begin to hone a new sense of self while taking new strides towards new directions. We begin to develop a steady sense of accomplishment, find new capabilities, make discoveries, and sometimes, we find a greater sense of self.

Life gets busy, and that can mean locking up on old ideas.  People have been known to get rigid, often without being aware of it.  Have you ever heard of the hog-hair toothbrush…
hog-hair-toothbrushIn the early 1900’s… DuPont created plastics, and what soon followed was the first plastic toothbrush.  Before the plastic toothbrush people actually used Hog Hair Toothbrushes.  Yes, everyone brushed their teeth with hair cut from pigs.   People were so used to sticking hog-hair in their mouths, that it took 20 years from the invention of the plastic toothbrush until everyone finally conceded to the plastic toothbrush…  That’s how slow people change. As everyone knows, hogs will literally roll around in their own feces, so to say it bluntly, any hair on a pig is pretty close to being “butt hair”, and for 20 long years, people ignored the new 100% perfectly sterile, less gross-sounding alternative.

Believe it or not, our lives have countless contortions to logic with much more dire consequences: there is so much activity that if changed, leaves old habits seeming truly strange.

Across humanity, our current state of economics and personal finance is like usually like that Hog Hair Toothbrush – it’s pellmell, old hat, off the hip, we’re faking it…  a lot of people are aware of the vulnerability, we are surrounded by some of those people, and they’re running businesses that take advantage of it!  Hey don’t get me wrong: starting a business is NOT easy compared to just getting a job: there is a lot of risk, investment, time for learning, problem solving, and worst of all: little guarantee of true success.

But, do you know that most products that we buy are sold at 5 times over costs?  That means by the time you buy a product, the original costs have been multiplied 5 times!  The retail store that sells the product frequently takes 40% of the final selling price, which is a HUGE chunk, and also a large reason things are so expensive.  While establishing a new business can be difficult, the potential payoff is far beyond any salary or income on the planet.

To maintain financial growth, an individual person must fight in a similar manor to maintain their finances in this world.

Just as businesses look to wedge bigger profits into all sales, a person must wedge bigger savings into their patterns of solving problems.

Just as businesses look to establish some traction and leverage in their market, a person must establish some traction and leverage in their income/spending ratio.

Just as a bank can make A LOT of money by giving you a mortgage, you must create a similar gap in your income/spending ratio in order to create that same scenario in your own personal finances.

If a person does not pay themselves at least as well as they pay the bank’s mortgage interest, then where will savings come from?  How will that person grow their finances in the same way the banks grow their finances?

Saving money can be talked about like a distant foggy idea, and frequently many people never lift a finger to get anything accomplished in that direction!

We can all ignore the idea of Big Commerce in our minds, we can also fight it, but we were born into capitalism, and that system still currently prevails.  Big Commerce takes heads, and being that Big Commerce is such a might foe our situation INSISTS AND REQUIRES ADAMANTLY that we generate income for ourselves, today and in the future.  Big Commerce will make sure we have a meager future filled with struggle, unless we make plans to overcome that inevitable status along the way.  Holding our breath for Social Security is not a cure-all, especially if housing and some other life expenses are not accounted for.

This might seem like another savings pep-talk (absolutely!) but it’s really an initiator of action, because we’re all on this sinking ship called “Good Health” : it’s almost guaranteed not to last forever!

When it comes to savings, many people say “Pay yourself first.”  This means putting a chunk of your paycheck into savings/investment before you do anything else with that money.  That amount is established in our savings plan: it’s money we were able to afford when created that plan.  If we don’t create that new habit.. guess what… IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

“Paying yourself first” can initially seem difficult because it involves a shift of mindset for a couple months.  When the money starts to pile up a little, we start to feel SECURITY, we feel better, sleep better, and feel more empowered in our decisions: and many subconscious negative feelings begin to wash away.

Having a savings account that continues expanding gives us POTENCY, and we feel it.

– It gives us ADEQUACY, and we feel it
– It gives us SELF-SATISFACTION and we feel it.
– It gives us a sense of WISDOM, and we feel it.
– It gives us a feeling of SURVIVAL, and we feel it.
– It gives us sense of LEVEL-HEADEDNESS, and we feel it.
– It gives us a sense of CLARITY, and we feel it.
– It gives us a feeling of SIMPLICITY AND A CLEAN PALATE and helps us to envision the future in a way that we otherwise just try not to think about!

These feelings are not available if we have zero savings.  Those great feelings from making strides in savings instead translate like this:

POTENCY = lack of potency
ADEQUACY = inadequacy
SELF-SATISFACTION = unsure of self
WISDOM = needing to accomplish something that seems unattainable
SURVIVING = unable to survive
CLARITY = ignoring the truth
SIMPLICITY AND A CLEAN PALATE = avoidance and distraction

These negative feelings are situated beneath the habit of ‘zero future planning.’

The emotions that come from true financial accomplishment are impossible to attain by spewing money all over town! Buying too much, acquiring what is not affordable: it only does one thing: satisfies the desire to acquire… that’s it: it’s that primal loop inside of us that makes us think we ‘solved a problem’ by going to get something (anything):  many human habits utilize that simple circuit to our great demise.

Change comes by doing what seems smart but frequently uncomfortable, doing it anyways, and then seeing how it feels after you’ve done it.  They say the same thing about courage, you get it after you’ve done the thing that scared you, not before it!  Saving money will not hurt us. It will only help.  Saving brings positive feelings because we begin to serve our future, and in many ways, the future is all we have…

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