INCOME : $1 MILLION made = $1 MILLION lost

Everyone wants a miracle, and businesses everywhere are experiencing those miracles EVERY DAY!!!  With effort and fortitude they are setting up a pattern of miracles for themselves: they are achieving traction and leverage… to separate you from your cash, and it’s working.

Maybe it’s time stop singing the Busker Blues, and start thinking about money differently – a handful of businesses are peeling away millions of dollars away from individuals over a lifetime.  That’s right, you will likely make millions, so where does it all go?
Let’s look at incomes, how they grow, and shrink away. First, let’s acknowledge the billions of people upholding modern civilization…

Every person is important no matter how much money they make.
Whether you flip burgers, wait tables, or deliver pizzas…
install air conditioners, fix cars, or teach students…
fly planes, perform surgery, play live music, or help keep law and order…

Understanding money can be about liberation from the entrapment you’ll face if you don’t understand it!

Let’s look at hourly lifetime incomes (for an EXCEPTIONALLY long working career) :

$7.25 per hour = $1190/ month = $13,920/ year = $139,200/ decade – $626,400 in 45 years

$12 per hour = $1990/ month = $23,040/ year = $230,400/ decade = $1,036,800 in 45 years

$18 per hour = $2880/ month = $34,560/ year = $345,600/ decade = $1,555,200 in 45 years

$25 per hour = $4000/ month = $48,000/ year = $480,000/ decade = $2,160,000 in 45 years

$35 per hour = $5600/ month = $67,200/ year = $672,000/ decade = $3,024,000 in 45 years

$60 per hour = $9600/ month = $115,200/ year = $1,152,000/ decade = $5,184,000 in 45 years

$100 per hour = $16000/ month = $192,000/ year = $1,920,000/ decade = $8,640,000 in 80 years

(If you make 60-100 dollars an hour, you’re on a different planet than the rest of the world.)  For all other income brackets, these numbers are crucial to understand.

If you’ve read the previous articles, you’ve seen some HUGE cost numbers thrown around, numbers that if played in your favor, would REVOLUTIONIZE your overall lifetime earnings at any bracket of earnings.

Find your income number, and keep those numbers in mind.  Play with that number too.

These numbers are important to know because they will help determine how much money you can save, how to create that gap between necessity and the savings needed to create LEVERAGE.  You can begin to FEEL the numbers represented here, in every post.  Reaching Early Retirement involves saving only a portion of your income,  then using Compound Interest and a few other possibilities to expand the value of your earnings.

Any person who is keen to maneuver the ways of commerce will be able to do just that: to develop savings that become a machine for new earnings – that’s how every business was started, every business that was not launched on debt.

Most people who earn $12- $15 dollars an hour can create Leverage-Worthy Savings in a matter of a few years.

It is important to note that for every income bracket mentioned, the majority of people live a maxed-out lifestyle, and on paper, really have very little money!  With a few years work, extreme savings can generate bank accounts that would make many high income Big Spenders blush!  Being buried to the neck in debt is the endless-suck, and it ensnares most people in modern, mainstream America.  Spending money on some useless, trivial stuff mentioned in all these articles is like getting stabbed in the back with a spear – sometimes a spear thrown by your own self! (How???)

Progress comes from knowledge first, action second, and finally realization as you face the real circumstance!

What seemed to be, never was,
the truth is always what you learn next!

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