Home Super-Gardens: Grow Your Own Food? Really?

Some feats display how records can be broken, and how incredible things can be done with very little resources. We’ve discussed a great deal about saving money, including on groceries, but this article is going to be a knuckle-ball that will at least get a person thinking.

One Family Grows 6,000LBS of food on 1/10th of an acre

Yes, that’s really happening. People are growing mountains of edible plant foods on almost no land.  This homegrown food can be GMO free, pesticide free, and financially… FREE.

Gardening might not be everyone’s hobby of choice, but remember, when it comes to growing food, nature pitches in with a lot of the work.  Setting up garden space might take some time and resources, and processing your mountain of food might take some time and patience, but great edible produce grown by yourself has the three qualities going for it…

#1Organic produce is valuable – people are spending outlandish cash for truly natural foods at places like Whole Foods. Every city has a Farmer’s Market which allow you to sell produce.  Small businesses are built on the very stuff of this idea – 6,000 pounds of great produce has a very real value.

#2 Growing your own produce leads to eating more of it – Most busy modern folks either eat like billy goats, or spend outlandish amounts of money securing quick, ultra-healthy foods.

#3Growing excellent produce is like saving premium dollars, not discount dollars – Yes, we talk about saving money all the time, but eating nature’s finest, purest, and freshest gives you a return equal to the most expensive produce costs in the world, not just saving the couple dollars you would have spent on lettuce at the grocery store.  If there’s one thing harvesters of every type of greenery know, the product that is cared for and tended directly, nurtured with direct attention, and the best compost grows superior produce to that which is mass produced.  So if you grow your own super heads of Kale, or Romain, it’s the stuff you rarely see, not the leathery $2 a head type!!!

Home-growers roll over their efforts and in a few short years, their super-soil gives them access not only to premium produce, but the elite-foods that only the super wealthy have access too.  This produce is in-season, the world’s finest, and it can grow out of a little paddy of dirt in your own micro farm on a TINY plot of land.

While hearing the story is great, seeing it for yourself is powerful.  The family that grew 6000lbs of produce on 1/10th of an acre has a documentary, and that movie has more of those award logos than any movie I’ve ever seen.  Here’s their impressive website (see clips of the movie on Youtube)…

Home Grown Revolution:

Feats like this are not unimaginable, and a few streams of awesome outside-of-the-box thinking can lead to miracles in a person’s life. It won’t make a difference whether you pick up a shovel and a bag of seeds or not, but thinking on the terms and scale this family did is the stuff that dreams are made of…

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