FOOD COSTS – MASSIVE SAVINGS – Save 14 years labor

Spending freely on food could easily become our 3rd largest bill.

By going to restaurants, munching on snacks bought at fast-food places or gas stations, buying the most expensive groceries at the wrong places, we could bleed out a modest income to lethal levels just with rampant food spending!

Restaurants are outlandishly expensive – all of them!  Even dinner at a Fast Food place can cost a 170lb grown man $8 to feed himself to fullness for one meal!  There are a slew of easy homemade recipes that can fill you up for $2 at dinner time…  To some people the $6 difference mentally means nothing. But instead of eating fast food 3 times a week, consider that saving $18 a week yields $72 a month in savings!!! That’s $864 dollars a year, or $8640 in a decade… and $77,760 in a lifetime…

It’s not JUST about the fast food though, guys – it’s thinking this way with your spending in a lot of areas which will collectively manifest as outlandish savings – a true stock pile of money that will reach towards the power of leverage!!!

Consider these additional food savings…  

(And we’ll add some of these things up in the end)

COFFEE —————————————-
If you have 2 coffees a day…
Making your coffee:
$.20 per coffee   —   $134/year   —  $1344/decade  —  $10,752 in 80 years
Gas Station coffee:
$1.20 per coffee  —   $806/year   —  $8064/decade  —  $64,512 in 80 years
Fancy Coffee:
$3.50 per coffee  —   $2352/year  — $23,520/decade — $188,160 in 80 years

   THE SAVINGS FOR MAKING YOUR OWN COFFEE IS SUBSTANTIAL, and these numbers doen’t  account for using that savings to MAKE MORE MONEY (the real loss!)

As you can see:
— Paying an extra $7,000 in a quick 10 years for cheap Gas Station coffee is CRAZY!
— Paying an extra $22,176 in a quick 10 years for a couple Nerdbucks Coffees is INSANE!!

For every decade of your life that already passed, could you imagine having $7 Grand, or $22 Grand just magically show up in your bank account today??? Great feats in savings – that’s how  stockpiles are  accomplished.

GROCERIES ———————————-
Every town has a range of grocery stores – there are typically some that have a (very moderately) nicer interior, with very high food prices.  Then there are middle of the line grocers who charge less for everything, and the store is just simply less finished.  But, THEN there are discount grocers, like Aldi’s and many others, who offer food that is just as tasty, only at incredible discounts.
At the ‘high end’ grocery store – the interior is usually not even that nice, it’s just a little bit more finished than some other grocers.  The biggest difference in grocers is simply the mediocre polish on the store, and the availability of a dozen so-called ‘name brands’ of every type of food item.
The reason we use grocers at all is because we do not have food available instantaneously, its too expensive to eat at restaurants all the time, and to buy some products that give us a shortcut to cooking every thing from scratch – so basically – TO SAVE TIME AND MONEY!

I use this example all the time:

1 Yogurt cup
High-End Grocer: $1.45
Mid-way Grocer: $1.15
Aldi: $.35

As if the price difference wasn’t enough of a problem – the yogurt at Aldi tastes 5 times better than the name-brand yogurts sold at BOTH other grocery stores.  Also the Aldi yogurt doesn’t use Aspartame, which many people consider poisonous in long term use, and which also tastes pretty lame!!  Aldi baked apple pie yogurt dominates all super-weak apple flavors in name-brand grocery yogurt… try for yourself!

Let’s look at a few other costs:

1 Frozen Pizza
High-End Grocer: $5
Mid-way Grocer: $3.99
Aldi: $1.99

(On the Aldi pizza I put onion powder, garlic salt, and Parmesan cheese on this pizza before baking, to ramp up the flavor, and it’s really quite good.)

1 Package American Cheese
High-End Grocer: $4.99
Mid-way Grocer: $3.99
Aldi: $1.99

(The Aldi cheese has a more robust flavor, and a less plastic feel!)

1 Bag of Onions
High-End Grocer: $3.99
Mid-way Grocer: $3.29
Aldi: $2.29

1 Large Package of loose Lunch Meat
High-End Grocer: $5
Mid-way Grocer: $4.75
Aldi: $3.25

So, by averaging the savings of these items, we find our totals

High-End Grocer: $20.45
Mid-way Grocer: $17.19
Aldi: $9.89


If you are into munchie snacks – like chips, candy, granola bars – you can shave even more money by picking them up at the Dollar Stores that have now spread across America.

Let’s say you do that, in which case you can pick up some name brands really cheap – and let’s alot another 15% savings to the ‘Aldi’ grocery bill.  Now you are at $8.39


you are saving 59% on food!

Let’s find our reward – for one adult male shopping this way, PER MONTH COST:

ALDI & DOLLAR STORE  —-  $70 a month
Mid-way Grocer   —-  $144 a month
Polished Grocery store   —-  $171 a month


Mid-way store:
saved —- $74 month    — $888 year    — $10,656 decade — $85,248/ 80yrs

Polished store:
saved —  $100 month  — $1,200 year —  $12,000 decade — $96,000/ 80yrs

This means, that by not shopping at discount grocers, a person who earns $50,000 (minus taxes) is working a FULL TWO YEARS (buying at midway grocer) or TWO AND A HALF YEARS (buying at polished grocery store) just to buy the same food made of the same old stuff: oats, flour, chemicals, honey, butter, etcetera.

BUT OF COURSE – the savings is FAR LARGER THAN THAT – because if you saved that money and reached towards attaining financial leverage – you could have used that money to MAKE more money.  So, the opportunity cost could be up to double, and beyond.  If you just doubled the savings of the Mid-way grocer, you are looking at $170,496 saved in an adult age lifespan.  And that’s just the wasted money – no matter which option  is a ton of money, especially considering that the cheaper alternative would have cost you.

At the cheapest option – Aldi & Dollar Store – you will still spend $67,000 dollars on food in a lifetime (adult male) versus a grand total of $270,000+ at other grocery stores for the same stuff, all in lost savings and opportunity costs!

HOME MADE FOOD ———————————-

Modern manufacturing has reduced the cost of pre-made packaged foods considerably.  But avoiding high fat and sodium, and creating your own flavors can be awesome.  It’s true that making your own food can range from being much cheaper, to being more expensive than pre-packaged foods.

Anyone who likes to make food, and save money will have a couple handfuls of recipes that cut far to the ‘cheaper than packaged food’ side!!!

Paying $67,000 in a lifetime for food could be reduced further…

Cooking for yourself (or family) can get extremely cheap if you make your own ‘cheap’ dishes in bulk, and simply don’t mind eating the same thing the next day, or freezing some of that food.  There are a lot of people who seem to think they need a new type of food to enter their mouths every single time they eat – that is modern day American craziness!!  If you cook your own food even once a week, and cook enough to cover two dinners, you can improve your health, and cut your food costs for those meals in half.  And if you find that making a homemade lasagna is more expensive than buying a Costco pre-made, then you know what to do!  If you lean towards the best financial decision, YOU ARE NOT MERELY BEING A CHEAPSKATE – you are being totally aware of the insidious costs in doing otherwise.  Spenders are literally enslaving themselves to YEARS UPON YEARS of Forced-Future-Labor to buy the same junk at higher prices!

If you can save 50% by cooking 1/4 of your meals, shopping at ALDI & Dollar Stores, you would save an additional $8,400 in a lifetime on food. yielding a total lifetime grocery cost a

Let’s look at those numbers together:


ALDI & DOLLAR STORE, plus cooking a couple meals a week:

High-end and Mid-way grocery stores, and not cooking:
$270,000+ (additional costs and opportunity costs) 

Remember, you are going to pay that $58,600 anyways, why pay $270,000 instead?

——— ———– ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———-


So, using all this information, let’s compile the best-case costs, versus the worst!

1. Make your own coffee – $11,000
Shop at discount grocery stores, cooks 1/4 of your meals – $60,000
       TOTAL: $61,000 lifetime

2. Buy gas station coffee – $65,000
Shop at midway grocery stores, and never cook – $138,240
Total: $203,240 lifetime :
savings lost: $142,240

    lost opportunity costs to at least double your money in 80 years

    TOTAL MONEY LOST: $142,240 x 2 = $284,480 

3. Buy Two Nerdbucks a day – $188,000
Shop at high end grocery stores, and never cook – $164,000
(notice how the 2 Nerdbucks coffees a day exceeds food cost!)
Total: $352,000 lifetime :
savings lost: $291,000
lost opportunity costs to at least double your money in 80 year
TOTAL MONEY LOST: $291,000 x 2 = $582,000

Please, stop the insanity!!!

If a normal person makes $50,000 a year (minus taxes) so, $42,000 a year then buying two Nerdbucks coffees a day, and shopping at the high-end grocer will cost them a  GRAND TOTAL OF 14 years of FORCED FUTURE LABOR…

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