There are only two kinds of computer users:

Group #1 Users who require the most powerful computer available for professional or entrainment applications

Group #2Everyone else…

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The biggest problem with the computer market is that a lot of people are actually in Group #2 and need only moderate computer power, yet they end up buying computers that are only useful for Group #1, which are pricey over-powered hawgs. When Group #2 pays for too much computer,  they are bleeding a boatload of cash for something they will never utilize.  Let’s zoom in a little closer…

Group #1 – these folks use the most powerful computers for things like:

advanced 3D rendering (like making movies or video games)
processing extremely large scale, printable graphics – used by graphic designers who might design billboards.
Gamers, who want to play the newest, best extreme computer games available, today.

Group #2 – these folks do light tasks on the computer:

– Browse the internet, write papers, do spreadsheets
– Watch videos and play simple web-based games
– Design websites and make web graphics
– Photography
– Check emails

Whenever this second group buys a computer meant for Group #1, it’s like throwing away money…

The graphic designers who fall in between group #1 and #2 are perfectly fine buying a used computer for around $200 to $300 that will last them years, or even a decade.  You can buy from a brick-and-mortar business (like the EPC Computers store in my city, that sells discount used computers).  You can even buy an advanced gamer’s used super computer for under $500, which is likely only a couple years old.  Big time gamers sell their computers quickly, because they are usually about to drop another couple grand on this years super computer, because the newest video games require it.

While I’m sure there are many Mac fans out there, the same story says that buying the newest and best computer NEVER pays off!  Macs are high-priced, and buying the newest/best Mac would also be considered a Great Saver’s foolish error, especially if a person plans to upgrade again in a couple years. There are used Macs galore available on Craigslist and elsewhere, just have have such a computer checked out by someone with knowledge before buying.

I personally picked up my last computer at EPC Computer store for $130.  I’m a computer professional and work on graphics, but not large scale graphics.  This computer has lasted 3 years already.  Compared to someone who bought the new shiny computer, I saved $1,840.  Let’s look at the future life of that money saved:

$1840 invested for 30 years with Compound interest = $10,568
Using that lump to pay me 6% for the next 30 years = $634 per year = $19,022.
the total loss for buying a computer that is too new, and too powerful = $29,590

Remember, that’s just for ONE computer!!

Contrary to this point, the first computer I ever bought was cutting-edge: it needed to be powerful because I was starting a career in 3D animation at the time.  Since I stopped doing 3D animation (Group #1 from above) I never needed the most powerful computer being sold (pushing me back into Group #2 from above)

It seems only a few people are aware that the biggest, baddest computers being sold at Best Buy are serious overkill, and those computers hold power you will never utilize… either way, who wants to spend $29,000 on a computer????

Never again!

Never, ever again!!!

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