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Stock Market : Primer #1

This article has been a long time coming, quite simply because I’ve put in years towards unraveling the stock market.  Yes, the stock market is considered an essential place to use your money to make money.  A lot of the SAGA articles display the “6% Compound Interest” scenario, used for the SAGA projections of how cash saved now turns into fortunes over a lifetime.

There ARE ways to establish a sane, cash building portfolio in the stock market.  There are also ways to incinerate piles of cash in mere instants, if you start picking stocks yourself, and don’t know what the scene is really doing to your money.

That’s why the stock market can appear like a life raft, with safe growth on one hand, while on the other hand, looking like an insane hatchet fight that’s impossible to win.

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We have to look at the sane notion of the stock market, in order to develop a reasonable approach to saving cash and leveraging it through safer market options.  However, it’s my duty to to discuss the problematic nature of one of the dirtiest places on Earth…