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RETIRE EARLY – What, When … How?

If you’re just starting to read this information, we’ve covered a lot
of details involved in generating massive savings, and avoiding SEVERE pitfalls of spending that almost nobody considers to be financially fatal.  We’ve discussed some of the cool, gritty details of how numbers add up with Compound Interest. We’ve also pointed out direct ways to defer a few common expenses that will revolutionize your future, by saving that money instead.

What does it mean to Retire Early?

couple-on-beach(image from Jessica Sager’s article)

Your personal Early Retirement Saga entails stepping from a foggy, unknown financial future, into the crisp fresh air and green pastures of the promise land of finance, all amidst the treacherous odds given to us by Big Commerce…

Bare Minimum to Save for Retirement???

If you read the last post – you saw that $4.21 saved per day is probably the bare minimum needed to save for retirement.  This translates to $1,500 a year, over 40 years. Of course, we dare you to do better than that!

$4.21 is also roughly the amount paid on one Nerdbucks coffee per day: or a pack of smokes: or a couple less gallons of gas burned per week.  Everywhere I look I see costs that can be shaved to generate savings.

         The Early Retirement Saga intends to hit savings at every angle, with a few key savings on things you already spend money on, which you can divert towards a veritable cash mountain that will help buy your FREEDOM…

RETIREMENT Primer – #5 HOW MUCH can you REALLY live on?

The question is, when you are 65 and starting to get a little tired,
what yearly income do you want to live on, bare minimum,
for the rest of your life?

Sure, precaution might have you wanting to save until death, which is a good idea, but most people can live on less than $24,000 per year.  To absolutely require a lot more money every year might have something to do with ingrained expenses, and possibly frivolous costs.  Most retirement planners make exorbitant blanket statements, that involve unrealistic if not outlandish yearly incomes and expenses, and a serious amount of waste…


Stashing cash is the key to success in retirement – but more powerful are the effects of Compound Interest gained from investments.  

Rolling yearly profits back into the investment has a dramatic effect.  Here’s a quick look:


With Compound Interest, you end up with THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT of money after 30 years than you would with savings alone…


How much Cash do you need to retire?

  Social Security is not the widest safety net possible, and everyone is waiting see what happens when the large Baby Boomer generation empties out the nation’s S.S. funds.

The amount of cash needed in retirement must equate to a monthly payout.  Retirement savings usually needs to be involved with some investments, during life, and even during retirement.   

        We should have a look at the hypothetical situation that someone saves money, yet never use investments – we must take an ALL-CASH look at retirement…


Some fields of work still provide reliable pensions, namely jobs with the government – teachers and soldiers are a good example.  Regardless, the government has been tampering with lowering soldiers retirement benefits, and many states challenge teacher pay regularly.  While pensions, in some fields, probably can never be challenged to extinction – many fields, if not most fields, will never offer such ultimate protection.

Before the 1990’s pensions at corporations seemed to be a real facet of the economy, but after the layoff waves started, followed by deep out-sourcing, human beings have been treated like expendable, temporary assets to companies more often than not…


In theory, when you turn 62 years old in America, most people qualify to get some kind of monthly Social Security check for the rest of their life.  That check might not be large, but if you earned money and paid your taxes over a lifetime, that check should be coming.

         Over 40% of people
                   They are relying on Social Security alone…


There’s no stopping it –
We can’t wish it away –
We can fight it, and plan for it,
but no matter what, there will come a time when our bodies tire.
From whatever age – your future involves a retirement,
and there are a few angles that must be considered.

Financially, retirement is the ultimate challenge,
because nature never sanctioned it…