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A DEEPER DIP into Great Savings

In our talks about honing in around the Great Saver attitude, and hunkering down for our own personal World War 3 of finance called retirement, we’re usually talking about saving money.

What we haven’t talked about is radical, pro-active savings on the stuff you already know you are going to need in the near future.  Sometimes this means forking over a little extra money today, to save money in long haul.  We’re not talking about canning produce, or hoarding boxed foods (interesting, but not quite the modern trend of our discussions).  What we are talking about is a making a few simple choices at certain times, which will easily enable an extra savings payment every year.  This would be an enormous breakthrough in savings, no doubt.

By now, you’ve probably seen the Super Coupon television shows — where people dumpster dive for newspaper coupons, showing up the grocer with coupon en masse, turning 17 giant baskets of products into their basement food horde for $22…

Image from: pop tower

I can’t promote that kind of behavior; though I can half-applaud it: super couponing is like a micro business, and indeed it does profit – however the profits are limited, and the earnings are not as good as other types of work or business…

PRINTER INK Cartridges = Cash Destruction

This post will save you A MOUNTAIN of cash!!!
We’re talking real, invest-able money…

Installing a CIS ink system on your inkjet printer could would end the need to buy severely overpriced cartridges.  By avoiding the purchase of just 2-8 cartridges a year, you could save $16,425 (2 refills) to $50,000 (8 refills) through a lifetime {using SAGA retirement fund math}.  Hard to believe, but the proof is in the pudding…


Installing CIS is very possible, a lot of people are doing it this very instant because they are, well, giving up laziness and abiding by sound logic…


We’ve talked about ALDI before, but to refresh, we said that by using ALDI as your primary grocer, and picking up the junk food (like chips and candy) at the DOLLAR STORE you could save 59% or more on your grocery bill starting right now.

Realistically, one man could live on $70 of food per month this way, if they just cook a few meals;  Compared to shopping at a premium grocer, which would cost $171 a month to feed the same person.  This means a single person could save $101 per month for retirement, just by discount shopping on groceries.

$101 per month saved
= $1,212 per year saved,
invested at 6% Compound Interest for 30 years = $101,963
then, a 6% payout to yourself from that nest egg will deliver $6,118 per year FOREVER,
so over that 30 years to follow, you’ll get a total payout of $183,533
and still have your $101,963
SO, over a lifetime, ALDI and the DOLLAR STORES could save you $285,496…
Here’s a picture version of that info, share with your friends:


Buzz Factor – Six Pack and a Pack of Cigarettes

Well, the science has been in for a while, drinking a six pack of beer and smoking a pack of cigarettes every day is expensive, and apparently it’s not great for your health. There are a lot of variations of burning cash directly, and getting a buzz is certainly one of them.

Regular smokers today spend around $4+ per day on a pack   of smokes.
Regular drinkers might spend $5 a day on a six pack.

Let’s look at the SAGA projections for 30 years of these constant purchases…

CELL PHONE BILL DISASTER — $286,600 Data plan??

Save $286,600+ over a lifetime using a discount cellular provider????

Thankfully discount cell phone plans are now almost as good as the ‘premium’ plans. A premium plan with the top 2 cellular and data providers currently costs $120 a month. A very good discount plan costs $45 a month…

Let’s talk about this outlandish expense that slurps money like a desert dog…


Being a Great Saver is not about living among others (who spend their every penny) while you torture yourself in abstinence of spending, while living a terrible, bland, horrible, boring lifestyle.

The Saver is usually a DO-ER.

Spenders might see DOING differently though…

FOOD COSTS – MASSIVE SAVINGS – Save 14 years labor

Spending freely on food could easily become our 3rd largest bill.

By going to restaurants, munching on snacks bought at fast-food places or gas stations, buying the most expensive groceries at the wrong places, we could bleed out a modest income to lethal levels just with rampant food spending!