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The Anatomy of SALES

How do we get sold???
Here’s an inside look at how sales works,
It’s important to see how salespeople and business look at you:

Having worked in outgoing cold-call sales revealed a new side of human nature, learning how sales triggers work, and how to ride the line in order to get more face-time with prospects.  There are a lot of people working to tailor a product to ring bells in our “necessary” category.  However, to make any sale, it will take 100 contacts to achieve 1-7 sales for most products with a legitimately prepared sales architecture.

Order-Taker-or-SalespersonFor a sales person to achieve 1-3 sales versus 3-7 sales for every 100 contacts IT HAS MORE TO DO WITH THE SALES PERSON than the product.  A very good salesperson will make 4-7 sales per every 100 contacts in a decent cold-call scenario.  Yet even very new salespeople  will make 1-3 sales per every 100 people contacted (if the contacts could legitimately use the product or service) and this has more to do with the fact that some people are just half-ready to spend money when the salesperson comes around.

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Sales is all about ‘targeted contacts’, which simply means that you are trying to sell to an appropriate person.  If you are selling home improvement construction, then the targeted audience must be people that own homes.  If you are selling trendy fashion, then you must target people who are mildly obsessed with fashion.  If you are selling video games, then you can usually ignore the entire Baby Boomer generation.  But if you are selling these things, and you hit the appropriate audience, then sales will be made.  A salesperson looks at you like dinner on the plate, but mostly they’re just working their grind, and if you’ve never worked in sales and know how this stuff works, it’s hard to see the labyrinth they have prepared for you.

What makes a good sales person?

Great salespeople make you feel something, and they are able to captivate enough attention to lead a listener down a path that avoids internal resistance…


It would be of vacant mind to ignore the Merchant’s Design: the ways businesses get people to spend money.  As buyers, we see the price, product offering, and the array of products available.  As a SELLERS, humans develop an entirely new set of reasoning processes.

In order to capture dollars, SELLERS are always looking to:

– reduce their costs
– ensure that you see their products
– increase the ‘buy’ trigger inside yourself by establishing better:

+ price
+ greater desire
+ need
+ convenience
+ requirement for replacement
+ by winning the competition for your purchase with other sellers

Pursuing great market edge has led to whole arrays of business activity, through which businesses pursue (with millions and billions of dollars) new ways to extoll a phenomenal amount of money (which translates to labor hours) from the world.

joe-vs.-volcano(Image from: Joe vs. the Volcano, screenshot link)

Businesses often bear enormous risks to make such moves, often fronting huge amounts of money that remain profitless for quite some time.  Because of this risk, getting you to buy is quite essential…