Buzz Factor – Six Pack and a Pack of Cigarettes

Well, the science has been in for a while, drinking a six pack of beer and smoking a pack of cigarettes every day is expensive, and apparently it’s not great for your health. There are a lot of variations of burning cash directly, and getting a buzz is certainly one of them.

Regular smokers today spend around $4+ per day on a pack   of smokes.
Regular drinkers might spend $5 a day on a six pack.

Let’s look at the SAGA projections for 30 years of these constant purchases…

$9 a day is a very high number combined.
It’s also a class 5 red alarm reoccurring cost!

$9 per day
$279 month =$3,348 year = $33,480 decade = $100,440/ 30 years         invested 6% Compound Interest all along = $280,568
using that lump to pay you 6% a year thereafter = $16,834/year = $505,022 / 30 years
the total loss for smoking and drinking = $785,590

-Smokers, cut that number in half and see your loss, $60,000 cash, and double that in opportunity costs.

-Drinkers who don’t smoke, that number is a little higher for you!

This is just something to think about in the collective picture of where cash goes, and the situation that really comes with it!  For many people, stress is part of what drives the need to catch a buzz.  Man-handling your own future may seem contradictory to chilling out with a six pack, and it is, but the pursuit we are truly intended for is SURVIVAL!!!

Re-tuning the ability to fight for your future is the finest way to quell your worries, and with some successes, it does become more interesting, and sometimes like a rather cool, challenging game.

Knowing that you will run directly into your challenges and one-by-one put your human excellence into those problems, will keep you moving forward!

If all ideas of our world are merged together, we still have to contend with the dilemmas of life, and those dilemmas are best tended directly.

Consider putting those dollars in your pocket, Take up the challenge to put down the addictive chemicals, and take up new pursuits – every person is designed to overcome these obstacles, which is why there are so many success stories of people taking up new roads of life.

I wouldn’t write these words unless I knew what the urge to party involves!  When quitting such things, what I notice most about that transition was that the cigarettes seemed to quell a stress – which as it turned out, was really just the stress of the nicotine wearing off!  I feel much more calm and less anxious today than I ever did as a smoker.  Since smoking is a habit that cannot be kept for long, the outcome of quitting seems inevitable, so nothing else seems worth it.

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