We’ve talked about ALDI before, but to refresh, we said that by using ALDI as your primary grocer, and picking up the junk food (like chips and candy) at the DOLLAR STORE you could save 59% or more on your grocery bill starting right now.

Realistically, one man could live on $70 of food per month this way, if they just cook a few meals;  Compared to shopping at a premium grocer, which would cost $171 a month to feed the same person.  This means a single person could save $101 per month for retirement, just by discount shopping on groceries.

$101 per month saved
= $1,212 per year saved,
invested at 6% Compound Interest for 30 years = $101,963
then, a 6% payout to yourself from that nest egg will deliver $6,118 per year FOREVER,
so over that 30 years to follow, you’ll get a total payout of $183,533
and still have your $101,963
SO, over a lifetime, ALDI and the DOLLAR STORES could save you $285,496…
Here’s a picture version of that info, share with your friends:

Such savings could easily roll into a monthly chunk of investment cash. ALDI and other quality discount grocers should be hailed as National Treasures, along with the Dollar Stores.  While long ago some people had a stigma about stores like these, they have modernized their packaging as well, and yes, the ground beef tubes are gone.  These simple grocery markets can and should be ridden toward early retirement.



Yes, my shopping trip had many canned goods, but that’s what I was personally low on.  That quality oat bread in the picture costs $1.29.  I hadn’t eaten Ramen in a decade so I bought a case of it for $2.  At other stores, this same stuff would cost way more than 2 times as much, and usually at Aldi you get more food with many items for less money! Like the bag of shredded cheese in the picture is double the size of other grocery stores, and yet remains cheaper.  The cheese also tastes fresher.  If you haven’t noticed, Kraft cheese is stiff and stale! The food pictured here tastes awesome because Aldi is quality!

The BEST PART is that every time I go to Aldi, I have a very hard time spending more than $20, and the food lasts more than a week usually.  If you want to see the larger picture of food savings, flashback to the original article with more grocery cost breakdowns here : FOOD COSTS – MASSIVE SAVINGS – Save 14 years labor…  Or, jump to another awesome money saver…

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